Tim McGraw decided that 20 years is long enough to go without repeating a theme found in one of his most important country hits. "Standing Room Only" is a contemporary reminder that relationships built in this life are far more important than toys acquired.

The vocal is wrapped in the slick, semi-symphonic production that's marked most of McGraw's most recent radio successes. Piano and electric guitar drive the song, but "Standing Room Only" is a songwriter's showcase, with the bridge driving home the message:

"Stop judging my life by my possessions / Start thinking about how many headlights will be in my procession," he sings.

In 2004 (OK, it's been 19 years), McGraw spelled out what's really important in life during his award-winning ballad "Live Like You Were Dying."

"Standing Room Only" isn't quite as ambitious — there's no key change for emphasis, for example — but it's just as prescient as that message. He's been consistently adding depth to country radio during the Big Machine part of his career, and we're all better for it.

Did You Know?: "Standing Room Only" isn't similar to Tim McGraw's "Live Like You Were Dying" in theme only. Craig Wiseman co-wrote both songs, this new one with Tommy Cecil and Patrick Murphy.

Listen to Tim McGraw, "Standing Room Only":

Tim McGraw, "Standing Room Only" Lyrics:

I get so mad at things that don’t matter / Way too much / I let the way back whens and my old friends / Scatter like they were dust / I get to chasing that rainbow, pot of gold / right into the pouring rain / With nothing to show for it / Standing there soaking wet / Lookin’ up shakin’ my fist as the thunder rolls / Now and then on nights like this I catch a thunderbolt.

I wanna live a life / Live a life / Like a dollar and the clock on the wall don’t own me / Shine a light, shine a light / Like mama’s front porch when I’m lost and lonely / Start forgiving and start forgetting / Be somebody that’s worth rememberin’ / Live a life so when I die / There’s standing room only, standing room only.

I wanna take my grudges and my old regrets and let ‘em go / I want to learn how to say a lot more yes and a lot less no / Girl I wanna dance and shout and love out loud and come alive / Don’t wanna be the guy too cool to laugh and too scared to cry.

Repeat Chorus

Stop judging my life by my possessions / Start thinking about how many headlights will be in my procession.

Repeat Chorus

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