Though Tim McGraw's life is busy with music and the occasional acting role, the country star finds his greatest reward in raising his three girls -- Gracie, Maggie and Audrey -- with wife Faith Hill.

One perk of having such a successful career is that the musician/dad, who celebrates his 44th birthday today, is able to call the shots and be home more often these days. "The girls have a pretty good social life, so I don’t really stay out [on the road] any longer. I fly out at three in the afternoon, go do my show and fly back, and I’m home by one," McGraw tells the Palm Beach Post. "I’ll go out every now and then for a three or four day run, but most of the time I fly in and out."

He likes to keep an eye on things, especially the boys that visit the house from time to time! He laughs and says, "There’s a lot of estrogen around my house. I tell my friends by the end of the summer I’ll have two teenage daughters in my house, so I’ll officially become an idiot."

McGraw was also on 'The View' earlier this week, explaining that his oldest daughter, Gracie, turns 14 soon, and Maggie will be 13 by the end of the summer. "Gracie, going into her 14th year now, she's 5'7" ... I mean, she looks like she's 18, 20-years-old. I got trouble," he admits.

As for the best thing a dad can do for his daughters, McGraw adds, "Love 'em [and] just to really not judge them. That's the toughest thing as a dad. It's not that you want to judge them, it's just that you want to protect them so much. The great thing is they have such a good role model in their mother. She's such a perfect person for a girl to look up to and try to be like."

But McGraw, always with a good sense of humor, finds this tactic works best: "I live in a house full of women, and the best advice I have is just to be quiet."