When Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's middle daughter, Maggie, turned 20 on Aug. 12, her proud papa took the opportunity to post a couple of photos of her to commemorate the big day.

While his sweet words were lovely ("As your father, you and your sisters make me proud everyday")—what is even more oddly touching is that Maggie somehow seems to look exactly like both of her parents, depending on what photo one is examining!

In the first photo McGraw posted, Maggie is a dead ringer for her beautiful mother, posing in ski gear and sunglasses. More than a few startled fans took the opportunity to comment "She looks like her mama!" with several stating that they initially thought it was an actual photo of Hill.

However, swipe right on the post for the second shot McGraw posted, and Maggie suddenly looks just like her dad. Looking contemplative and sporting a stylish hat, it becomes easy to pick out the features that she inherited from her famous father—in particular, her eyes and warm gaze.

The resemblance to her dad is even more marked in a video Hill posted on her own Instagram account, in which mother and daughter are enjoying a little carpool karaoke.

Maggie is the middle child in between big sister Gracie and little sister Audrey. Gracie turned 21 in May, and while she doesn't resemble her parents as strikingly as Maggie, she definitely inherited their talent: She joined her father on "Here Tonight," a duet from his Damn Country Music album, and even sang it onstage with him at his Nashville tour stop in 2015.

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