Apparently, two albums featuring Tim McGraw songs are scheduled to be released in the next 30 days. The singer's former label home, Curb Records, just announced that 'Tim McGraw and Friends' will be available on January 22.

The news came with the release of the song 'Twisted' -- a duet with Colt Ford -- as the Curb album's first single. McGraw recorded the song with Ford for Ford's 2011 'Every Chance I Get' record.

On Feb. 5, McGraw's new label, Big Machine, will release 'Two Lanes of Freedom,' his label debut featuring 'Truck Yeah' and the current Top 10 single, 'One of Those Nights.'

Little else is known about 'Tim McGraw and Friends' at this point (a request for comment from Curb's publicity team has not yet been answered), but the title would suggest that the release is an album of the singer's collaborations during his 21 years with Curb.

The timing of the album may confuse fans looking forward to 'Two Lanes of Freedom' -- and perhaps even radio stations playing 'One of These Nights.' McGraw's relationship with Curb is frosty at best, with legal issues still to be worked out in court. 'Emotional Traffic' was his last studio album for the label. That was announced and released less than two months after a judge decided in November 2011 that he could record music with another label. In fact, the first single from that album was released just hours after the judge's decision. One week later, the singer released 'Christmas All Over the World' on his own StyleSonic Records. Except in rare circumstances, it's unusual for an artist to have more than one "active" single.

A second single from 'Emotional Traffic' was released just as Big Machine was preparing to release 'Truck Yeah,' McGraw's first single on 'Two Lanes of Freedom.' 'Right Back Atcha Babe' peaked inside the top sixty songs on the country singles charts.