In some households, Christmas means leg of lamb and mincemeat pie. In others, it means gingerbread houses and eggnog. But to Tim McGraw, Christmas is all about the noodles. 

The 'Highway Don't Care singer shares that one of his family traditions on Christmas Eve comes from his mom’s side of the family. “My mother’s maiden name is D’Agastino, so coming from an Italian family on her side, so for Christmas Eve we always have homemade pasta."

It's pretty much non-negotiable in his opinion, and when he married his wife and fellow country star Faith Hill, they inserted the tradition into their own holidays. “That’s sort of a tradition that I had growing up and it’s continued since I’ve been married and we look forward to that every Christmas Eve, having a big pasta dinner Christmas Eve and getting up Christmas morning and making eggs with spaghetti sauce, which is sort of a cool deal at our house.”

Downing bowlfuls of spaghetti isn't the only thing McGraw likes about Christmas. He elaborates, saying that it's a really special time of year "for a lot of reasons, for family, for our religion." And, as a dad of three girls, there's one other thing that happens with Christmas -- vacation!

"School being out I guess is a big thing because you get to take some time at home and you don’t have to get up early in the morning," says McGraw.

Hopefully his daughters won't sleep in too long -- there may not be any eggs with spaghetti sauce left for them on Christmas morning!