Tim McGraw has accomplished quite a bit in his career, from music to movies, in addition to fathering three daughters with fellow country superstar wife Faith Hill. Still, there are a few things on McGraw's professional bucket list that he wants to accomplish. One thing he's not yet done but would love to do, more than anything? Record a live album.

When asked what type of album he would attempt if the goal was "just for fun" and if he had complete and total artistic freedom to do so, McGraw had a few ideas. First, he tossed around the thought of doing an album of covers of songs he loves, from both the classic rock and country genres and artists.

"I mean, I love ‘70’s rock," the star reveals (quote via Big Machine). "I grew up listening to it. But on the other hand, I love Merle Haggard. I love George Strait. I’m sure one of these days, that there’s something that I would probably do. If I could do my favorite songs of all times in every genre, yeah I would love to do that. But I don’t think it’s the time to do that yet."

Covers and classics aside, it's really the live album format that McGraw would really love to take the plunge on, sooner than later. "I think more than anything that I would love just to go in and camp out at a club somewhere and make a live record," the singer declares. "I think that’s something that I would like to do."

Fans would no doubt love it if the 'Highway Don't Care' singer captured his live essence  and bottled it on record.

McGraw also recently spoke about other aspirations, saying if time permitted, he'd consider big commitments like a TV series or a Broadway show. Really, there's nothing Tim McGraw can't do. He just has to find the time for it!