Tim McGraw didn't play any songs fans hadn't heard before during his set at the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival, but that doesn't mean he's not holding onto new music. The singer says he's working on an album and a movie, and his next single is likely to come from a new project.

"Diamond Rings and Old Bar Stools" is his current Top 10 hit from Sundown Heaven Town. While McGraw wouldn't reveal what new direction he's heading in, it's clear he's staying creatively occupied. Between stops on the Shotgun Rider tour and recording sessions, he's traveling out of country to shoot his next flick.

"I'm flying in between shows, going up to Vancouver shooting a movie," McGraw tells Taste of Country. “It’s kind of a foot race to see which one gets done first (the album or movie)."

We had to press for details about the new film, but he wasn't giving up much. “It’s based on a book, I can tell you that," McGraw says, laughing after staying mum about his famous co-stars. His most recent movie was Tomorrowland, a movie he starred in alongside George Clooney.

Another project McGraw is at least thinking about is an album with his wife, Faith Hill. During his chat with ToC he admitted a duets album is something he'll definitely do one day, but that it may not happen until after the couple's daughters have all graduated from high school. Their youngest, Audrey, turns 14 in December.

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