In addition to being one of the biggest names in country music and an accomplished actor to boot, Tim McGraw also has an incredibly self-deprecating sense of humor. In a recent chat with WQYK about his Emotional Traffic Tour with Luke Bryan and the Band Perry, whom he labels "the hottest thing since biscuits," McGraw acknowledges the parental perils of having teenage daughters.

"By the end of this summer, I will have two teenage daughters living in my house so I will be officially an idiot by the end of the summer," he jokes. When asked if he would keep a shotgun next to his chair on the porch when the boys start showing up to take his daughters out on dates, he chuckles.

McGraw offers nothing but superlative praise for his tourmates, saying, "I surround myself with enough talent so nobody will realize how little talent I have." Funny, this man of "little talent" is filling venues night after night! Oh, Tim. You're too modest.

McGraw also displays the same sense of self-deprecation in a new chat with KNCI, as the DJs ask the singer about how he comes up with his captivating stage presentations when on tour. "Luckily, I have great people who work for me, so that takes a lot of load off," McGraw explains. "I like to be involved. I am a big picture guy. I have a big idea and big picture of what I want to do, and people who are a lot smarter and more capable than I am go in and sort of narrow of it down and chip away at it!" He also intimates that Mrs. McGraw -- aka Faith Hill -- takes care of the details at Casa de McGraw, saying, "I didn't want to say that ... but that's how it usually works at my house."

The subject of teenage daughters comes up again, and McGraw admits that his girls don't realize how cool their pop really is! "I keep trying to tell 'em! So far, it hasn't sunk in," he says, laughing. He does say that the girls, who will turn 13 and 14 this year, dig the Band Perry, which makes them a perfect tourmate. "That's some sort of connection, something we can relate to and some point of interest," McGraw says.

McGraw is known for engaging in basketball sessions during free time while on the road, but he reveals he isn't much of a hoopsman anymore, since he flies in and out for many of his shows.

But McGraw maintains one of the busiest schedules we've ever seen, the kind that can reduce mere mortals to tears. He reveals to WQYK that he was supposed to play Chris Cooper's role in the thriller 'The Kingdom' but nearly had to drop out of the production since film and tour schedules got intertwined, which often happens for musicians pulling double duty in films! McGraw explains, "I originally signed on to play the part Chris Cooper player and my tour and the movie got backed up into each other, and I couldn't commit to the time to do it, so Pete Berg who directed it wrote the other part for me."

The country boy from Louisiana is turning out to be a pretty good actor, but doesn’t have any new films on the docket until fall.