It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand the video for Tim McGraw's summery hit song 'Truck Yeah.' One look at the clip's opening shot and it's clear that just like the song, this video is all about country boys and girls who love cruising in a jacked-up truck.

We didn't know it was possible to make a big old truck look sexy, but McGraw managed to make it happen. The 'Truck Yeah' video is filled with shots of buff men (including the singer himself) climbing in their suped-up rides, spinning their wheels and just having a little fun together. After seeing this video, even city folk will consider trading in their four door sedans for a country style rig.

Of course, the clip isn't all about boys playing with their trucks. Near the end of the video, a gorgeous brunette proves that girls know how to drive big rigs, too.

"The theme of this song is pretty straight forward… It's for guys and girls who love jacked up trucks," McGraw explains in a statement. "It's a culture, and you don't have to be from the sticks and only listen to country music to want drive a truck…that's why I love the reference to Lil Wayne in the lyrics."

He adds, "It's been a great song for the summer and a big moment in our set. I think the video definitely captures the energy of the song. We had a blast making it!"

'Truck Yeah' is McGraw's first single release since switching over to Big Machine Records. So far, the new label is working out for the legendary country star. The tune debuted at No. 22 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart, making it the singer's highest solo chart debut ever.

Watch the Tim McGraw 'Truck Yeah' Video