Toby Keith says he hopes a candidate with no ties to establishment politics wins the 2016 presidential election.

The always outspoken country superstar tell People that he's excited about the current field of candidates seeking office in 2016. "The cool thing is that the people who are making the most noise and getting the most poll points are non-politicians," he says. "I hope the whole race turns into non-politicians. It would fix the whole thing if you get somebody who doesn't have a political bone in their body."

While Keith -- who, somewhat surprisingly, was a registered Democrat for many years before re-registering as an independent around 2008 -- didn't name a specific candidate he would support, he did give some insight into what type of experience he thinks would best fit the bill.

"With a business person who knows the difference between right and wrong, instead of right and left, we'd have a chance to go forward," he reflects. "With all the division in the world now -- we're polarized right wing, left wing, cops and blacks -- it looks to me like we're headed for turmoil in every way. The world looks like it's on fire. You've got to get the politicians and the agendas out of the way and get somebody in there that might take it over and save old Uncle Sam."

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