Toby Keith is detailing his cancer diagnosis and prognosis for the first time. The singer shares that the tumor is still there, but he's expecting that to be a temporary condition.

  • Keith, 61, revealed his stomach cancer diagnosis in June of 2022, saying he'd been undergoing treatment for six months.
  • Since then he's kept a low profile and has only appeared at a handful of public celebrations and one industry event, the BMI Awards in Nashville.
  • Fans have noticed he's much thinner than he was pre-diagnosis.

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The Oklahoman shared their interview with Keith earlier this month, zooming in on his performance at the Toby Keith & Friends Golf Classic. He gave them good news and reason for continued concern.

The good news is that Keith has enough energy to bring his band back in for a few shows, just to see if he can hold up for two to three hours.

"And if I do, (I'll) be out on the road this fall," he says.

As for the reason for continued concern?

"I'm about another eight weeks from my last scan. So, I expect next time I look for that tumor to be even less — and I've only got one that's shown up."

The newspaper reports that Keith's tumor has shrunk by a third, and he's continuing chemotherapy. He's also taking immunotherapy and working with a nutritionist.

"Now, they're trying to fight where the cancer backs up and says, 'Oh, you're fighting that tumor? We're gonna re-morph and turn into this kind of cancer,'" Keith explains. "So, while they (the cancer cells) are in the bullpen regrouping, we're trying to kill 'em with something different."

This update offers clarity amid some confusing stimulus from the last month. A photo on Keith's Instagram page triggered a call for concern and prayers, but a week later, he looked and sounded strong performing for the OU softball team as they celebrated a National Championship.

Comparing that picture with photos shared from the Toby Keith & Friends event, it looks as if both were taken the same day. Keith hosted that event, and, per the Oklahoman, his voice "rang out with enough strength and clarity to carry to the greenroom."

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