Toby Keith's name, age and hit country songs are well-known to fans and even non-fans. This list of facts about the singer digs deeper.

On Monday (Feb. 5), 62-year-old Toby Keith Covel died after a two-year battle with stomach cancer. For 31 years he was a country radio mainstay and one of the rare talents capable of filling venues of any size. Wife Tricia and children Shelley, Krystal and Stelen are surely in mourning.

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The news was revealed on social media, and while everyone knew it was possible, it was no less shocking. This week will be dedicated to a look back at Keith's life and career. He was a hell-raiser with a soft pen. He was a proud American, but a prouder father.

Here are 13 facts about the Oklahoma native, including what friends and family thought of his marriage to Tricia and a stunning career snub that looks like it will never be made right.

Keith never shied from controversy in life and song. Politically, he supported candidates on both sides of the aisle, so you have to be able to apply some nuance to an understanding of who he was. Many things can be — and were true — of the "American Solider" singer.

That was clear during his final interview with Taste of Country, when he was at once frightened and fearless.

13 Toby Keith Facts You Probably Never Knew

Toby Keith lived a fascinating life, but even fans who thought they knew everything about this country music hero will learn a thing or two on this list of 13 Toby Keith facts.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

Toby Keith's 20 Best Songs Prove He's a Country Icon

Toby Keith reached No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart 20 times during his 30-plus year career, but some of this best songs were deep cuts.

Here are his greatest hits — the top songs from 19 studio albums and beyond.

Toby Keith died on Feb. 5, 2024 after a two-year battle with stomach cancer.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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