Toby Keith is helping everyone get in the mood for the patriotic holiday this 4th of July with his brand new single, 'Made in America.' The song is a true Toby Keith anthem, penned by the singer and songwriter Bobby Pinson, who started the song with the help of fellow writer Gregory Scott Reeves.

"This song is pretty close to my heart," Pinson tells Taste of Country. "I’ve spent a lot of time on different tour buses with a lot of people -- country acts or country people. The whole thought of buying American and supporting America comes up a lot. It’s hard to even put out American merchandise because it costs more. I’ve had conversations with people who are willing to spend more on their products being made in America to support the United States, you know? It’s hard to even go find something made in America. I’ve had several conversations about that, and I’ve always had that concept."

"A friend of mine, Gregory Reeves, had some ideas, and we toyed with some ideas," Pinson continues about the lyric writing. "He had a line, and I twisted it to ‘Made in America,’ not necessarily about excluding other countries or products made from somewhere else, but it’s just important to be supporting who we love. We turned it into this."

"He’s got the red, white and blue flying high on the farm / Semper Fi tattooed on his left arm / Spent a little more in the store for a tag in the back that says ‘Made in the USA’ / He won’t buy nothing that he can’t fix / With WD-40 and a Craftsman wrench / He ain’t prejudice / He’s just / Made in America," Keith sings in the lyrics of the song's chorus.

"We started the song and had written a good bit on it," notes Pinson. "Right as we were starting it, I knew that it sounded like Toby. I took it to Toby, knowing that, down the road. He loved it. It’s funny because we were all just having one of those conversations on his bus, and then the next day I went to him and said, ‘Hey man, we were kind of hitting on this last night … here’s a little something I started, so tell me what you think.’ He was all over it."

"My old man's that old man / Spent his life living off the land / Dirty hands and a clean soul / It breaks his heart seeing foreign cars / Filled with fuel that isn’t ours / And wearing cotton we didn’t grow," they wrote in the song's opening verse.

"This is probably one of my favorites that I’ve written with Toby," Pinson says with pride. "It's also one of my favorite songs that I've written in a long time."