Toby Keith isn't seen smoking the wacky tobaccy in his new music video, but Willie Nelson sure is. Keith's newest party song includes a video that's every bit as wild as "Red Solo Cup."

Find the country superstar on his bus with his band, singing about smoking marijuana over an upbeat, jingly country beat. Nope, it's not poetry in a traditional sense, but it sure is hard to keep from smiling as you watch this new video. Nelson enters late, storming out of a bus bathroom in a cloud of smoke. Throughout the remainder of the video he puffs and exhales right into the camera while strumming and singing along.

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Find Nelson also singing backup as the song ends. Of course the two had a previous hit in "Beer for My Horses." You may also recognize Mac McAnally in the clip, singing along at the chorus:

"That ol' wacky tobaccy / When you feel it creepin' up on you /That ol' wacky tobaccy / Kick back and let it do what it do," they all sing.

Scotty Emerick helped Keith write the song, which is set to be included on his next studio album. "Wacky Tobaccy" is quite literally a bus song — the name given for the more humorous songs Keith writes and performs live. Nelson's tour bus seems to be parked outside Nashville's Ryman Auditorium during the filming of the music video.

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