Trace Adkins' latest single, 'Just Fishin',' tells the tender story of a daddy and his little girl hitting a fishing hole, but between the small talk and precious moments, it is far more than just being about catching a fish. In the music video for the tune penned by Casey Beathard, Ed Hill and Monty Criswell, Adkins' youngest daughter, Trinity (6), plays the leading role.

The picturesque video, shot by the award winning Trey Fanjoy, was filmed out at Adkins farm outside of Nashville.

"This is the most convenient location I've ever done a video on," Adkins remarked with laughter while on the set. "I just woke up, came out side and started shooting."

As far as his daughter's role, Adkins felt having her playing his daughter was the only way to go, and not just because she is the only one of his five daughters who has not appeared in one of his music videos.

"She works pretty cheap, so that works out for me," Adkins jokes.

'Just Fishin'' was released to radio in March and has already made its way into Billboards Top 20 on the country singles chart. The song is the first release from Adkins' 'Proud to Be Here' album, which is set to hit stores on Tuesday, August 2.

Watch the Behind-the-Scenes Footage of the Trace Adkins 'Just Fishin'' Video