Taylor Swift has recently appeared at a handful of Kansas City Chiefs game in support of her new boyfriend Travis Kelce, and it looks like the support is mutual.

While attending the Texas Rangers' World Series Game 1 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Kelce got a jumbotron spotlight when Swift's "Shake it Off" started playing over the stadium speakers. Sure enough, he was dancing along from his seat, and flashed a grin as the music blared, according to an Instagram post from Entertainment Tonight.

Swift and Kelce have been romantically linked for a few months now, and she's attended four of the starting tight end's games this football season. In fact, her presence appears to be something of a good luck charm. The Chiefs have won all four games she's attended, and Kelce has personally had some standout stats during those games.

The day that Kelce was spied on the jumbotron dancing to "Shake it Off" -- Friday (Oct. 27) just so happened to be the same day that Swift released 1989 (Taylor's Version), the album that contains "Shake it Off" on its track list.

Later that same night, Kelce was out celebrating at what appears to be a bar when "Love Story" -- another Swift track, this one from 2008 -- came on the speakers. That song didn't slip past Kelce, either. Fan-captured video shows him filming a selfie video as he danced along to the song, then ending the video and continuing to look down at his phone, prompting some fans to wonder if he was sending the clip to Swift herself.

Pictures: Taylor Swift at the Kansas City Chiefs Game (Oct. 22)

Taylor Swift was very distracted at the Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday (Oct. 22) in Kansas City. Honestly we can't blame her.

Swift and Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce are dating and she's attended several of his games. Brittany Mahomes and her two kids joined her in the press box this week.

Gallery Credit: Billy Dukes

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