Trent Harmon sings about the hundreds of crazy things a guy will do for a girl in his new single "There a Girl." The music video looks to be a great complement, with the singer and American Idol winner doing anything he can to get to his sweetie. Well, almost anything.

In this behind-the-scenes video premiering on Taste of Country, Harmon says he won’t ride a skateboard, but walking, riding a bike, cruising on a motorcycle and various automobiles are all fine by him. During one clip he’s sandwiched between two older women who are having the time of their life talking about their time with with the Mississippian.

“… And I got to wear his hat, just like Debra Winger did with John Travolta,” one says as Harmon smiles.

There are some adorable scenes in this BTS vid, like when a young actress who tends to an old country lemonade stand brings him flowers. The plot of the upcoming Roman White-directed music video is that Harmon is doing all he can to get to his true love. “It’s just kind of like a testimonial to how crazy they make us and we still don’t care,” he says after recounting how he wrote the song when he traveled to see a girl and she was with her other boyfriend.

Scenes shot in a barn, on a pasture and along country roads fill up the music video. At the very beginning Harmon is rudely interrupted by a donkey who is clearly upset about not having a more prominent role in the music video.

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