For months, Tristan McIntosh has been the American Idol contestant on Nashville's lips. The 15-year-old Tennessee native has impressed American Idol viewers and as a result made it to the Top 6 of the competition. Unfortunately, Thursday night (March 17), the singer didn't make the save to remain in the Top 5.

After performing Martina McBride's poignant ballad "Independence Day" on piano while the audience clapped along, McIntosh got lukewarm critiques from all three judges.

"Obviously you're one of America's favorites," Jennifer Lopez told the hopeful, "But if I was to give any advice to you going forward, it would be to try different things because you don't want to flat line at a certain point and we're just seeing the same performance over and over."

Harry Connick Jr. agreed, pointing out that McIntosh is "really good at singing songs that were written from a place of pain."

"I think there's a sweet spot in there for you. I can see you doing a lot more of that," he added. "The only advice I would give you is age. You have to grow older. Time is the only thing that's going to help you improve your gift. You just need to grow and live and get a little bit older."

Meanwhile, Keith Urban praised McIntosh for having a "beautiful voice" and a "God-given gift" while giving her advice for her future performances.

"The next level of getting your artistry forward is, when you take a song like that you have to either strip it down and make it so incredibly intimate that it pulls us in or you do it full on with a band and you make it really empowered," he suggested. "For me, it was a little bit in the middle. That's the next step in your artistry. You're really, really extraordinary."

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