Every summer, Kid Rock does his best to make a point to play a couple of shows in the Detroit area, where he was born and raised. Well, this year marks no difference for the singer-songwriter-rapper. On August 12 and 13, Kid Rock will take the stage at Comerica Park, where the Detroit Tigers play, bringing along with him Ty Stone as the opening act.

"We’re talking 40,000-50,000 fans per night," Stone tells Taste of Country. "That’s going to be huge! He played at Comerica last summer, and all the businesses were like, you really made [a difference in sales] for the whole summer when you did that, so I think feels like he needs to do it again. He'll bring 40-50,000 people into a downtown that's kind of going through some hard times for two nights in a row. That’s what I think his motivation for doing the show is."

Stone got to know Kid Rock when the hitmaker discovered the newcomer's demo through a mutual friend, eventually moving Stone into his home. Stone's unique story is heard loud and clear with his debut single, 'American Style,' which impacted radio earlier this month. Stone and his label, Warner Music Nashville, are in the process of putting together a music video for the tune, which Stone eagerly awaits.

"We’ve been collecting footage for the video," he reveals. "My story’s pretty unique with being a hamburger cook when Kid Rock discovered me and moved me into his house. I think we’re going to try to use some of the aspects of that story in the video. The song, ‘American Style,’ every single word is true. I literally wrote it about my own family … my dad, Frank, and my friend Mike … I think we’re probably going to take it back where it all started and be very, very real about it. I think it’s going to be a captivating video. I’ve told everyone at the label that I want this video to be very special. It’s really important to me that it turns out to be something really unique."

Until then, the newly engaged singer will be on the road. Click here to see the stops where Stone will be in the coming months.

Watch Ty Stone Perform 'American Style'