Vince Gill is yet another country great to commit to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, going under the pour after being "harassed" by a few people to take the dare.

Sitting on what appears to be his front stoop, Gill is laid back in shorts and short sleeves as he accepts his fate. "I've had several people that have harassed me," he says of what he's preparing to do, adding, "I take it with total bravery. I am not afraid."

Gill's pretty popular -- he was challenged by four separate people --  and he took some time to poke fun at each one of them before doing the deed. Gill was called out by singer-songwriter Brennin Hunt, whom the legend says "poured his [water] down his pants which was a little bit frightening."

Adds Gill, "Me being the age that I am, I can't do that. I really don't need cooled off down there anymore."

Chris Stapleton also nominated Gill, who calls his challenge "weak" because he's "all beard and all hair," saying he "probably didn't even get wet." Bob Mueller, a Nashville news anchor at WKRN, also called out the country singer, as did preacher Clay Stauffer.

"I can't tell you what I want to say to you because you're a preacher," Gill says to Stauffer in the video, before telling them to "bring it on." Gill extends the Ice Bucket Challenge to PGA golfer Tom Watson in a more serious manner. He gets in one last smile before, from a story above, his head begins to be pelted with ice water.

"That's beautiful," he says after they're finished dumping the water. "We've got some heavy shrinkage going on right now."

TMI, Vince. TMI.

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