Vince Gill may have sold more than 26 million albums and won 20 Grammy Awards, but he sounds as excited as a music newcomer about working with his wife Amy Grant and three of their children on his upcoming album 'Guitar Slinger,' due to be released later this year.

It's been about four years since Gill last released a studio album. That's mainly because he built a studio at his Nashville home and recorded the new album there.

"I know what it feels like to be an Everly Brother!" Gill tells Taste of Country with a laugh about the family connections to this music. "[My children] are so musical, they can't help it. Three of my girls -- Sarah, 18; Jenny, 29; and Corinna, 9 -- are on this."

As much as Vince enjoyed the experience, though, his wife was even more enthusiastic.

"We are doing this in small doses. We are not going to be 'The Partridge Family.' Amy and I sing a duet on this album, too. We help each other out here and there [with our recordings], but we don't want to become Sonny and Cher," he says before pausing. "Actually, her dream is for us to become 'The Partridge Family.'"

While that likely won't happen, Gill is not one of those artists that warns his children against entering show business.

"All I know is my experience, and mine has been unbelievable. I would recommend this just because of the music I've played and the musicians I've played with," he says. "Gosh, I couldn't dream of a better life for myself. Again, it's not dependent on success. It feels the same way to me today as it did in 1975. It has nothing to do with bank accounts or charts."

'Threaten Me With Heaven,' reportedly the first single off of 'Guitar Slinger,' will be released later this summer.

Watch Vince Gill Sing New Song 'Threaten Me With Heaven' (Starts at 3:01)