"It's good to be home," native Okie Vince Gill said upon being introduced at Blake Shelton's 'Healing in the Heartland' benefit show on Wednesday (May 29). He performed the somber 'Threaten Me With Heaven' while seated and strumming his guitar.

Gill prefaced the song by saying, "I'd like to do this song for 24 people who didn't make it," which likely turned every dry eye in the house wet. What a lovely tribute for the victims that lost their lives due to the tornado that swept through the state, devastating the small town of Moore on May 20.

It was a simple, but effective performance of a song that felt like a salve soothing some of the still-fresh wounds of the families and friends of those lost.

We were surprised that Gill, who hails from Norman, Okla., didn't break down during the song, since we could feel the emotion of the crowd radiating from the screen. He held it together, as though he was giving the people of his native state strength by remaining stoic, as well as via his smile and his comforting voice.