Country firecracker RaeLynn continues to impress us with her talents. She may not have won during the second season of 'The Voice,' where she prospered under the tutelage of coach Blake Shelton, but she is more than deserving of the love fans bestow upon her. She just shared a video in which she performs with her band but guess what? She isn't the singer. She's the drummer.

In this 20-second video, RaeLynn the rhythm keeper is smashing the skins to a Rage Against the Machine song. So she isn't just a drummer in this video -- she is also a rocker. How adorable does she look seated behind the kit? We love seeing the layers of RaeLynn's musical diversity as she (wo)mans the kit.

She posted the following message with the video: "Fun fact about me! Drums is the first instrument I learned! Me and my band jamming :)"

RaeLynn is the real deal. While she can belt with the best of them with that twangy voice of hers, she has other supreme talents and can play instruments.

The singer is newly signed to Republic Nashville and we look forward to seeing what she does with her label debut. Maybe she'll contribute percussion to a few tracks?

Watch RaeLynn Play Drums in Her Band