Waterloo Revival are experiencing major life changes left and right! Cody Cooper posted a photo on Instagram Dec. 15 of himself and his girlfriend — ahem — fiancee, Emily Johnson, showing off her new engagement ring in Cancun, Mexico.

The two recently jet-setted after Johnson completed her MBA, according to another Instagram post, and apparently it was the perfect place to pop the question!

The two are beaming in the photo, captioned, “Feliz Navidad from the future Mr. & Mrs. Cooper! #SheSaidYes.”

That’s not the only shifting tide within Waterloo Revival as of late. The duo's other member, George Birge, and his wife Kara are welcoming their first child into the family in February. Birge dropped the news on Instagram with an adorable photo of the couple with a sweet caption, saying, “Feeling amazingly blessed right now, this kid is gonna have the best mom in the world!”

Waterloo Revival signed to Show Dog Nashville, Toby Keith’s label, this summer, and have been picking up steam ever since. They recently released a new music video for “Backwood Bump,” a funky, pop-infused tune that represents the guys’ fun sensibility and catchy songwriting. It appears on their most recent EP, Front Row, released in March 2016.

“We’re not a one-trick pony. We can write all types of different songs because we’ve lived all these situations,” Birge says about the record. “The biggest thing for us was, we wanted an EP that represented real life — the highs, the lows, the parties, the breakups, the love songs. We felt like those six songs best encapsulated that.”

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