In one of the unlikeliest scenarios imaginable, the rabidly anti-gay rights group Westboro Baptist Church is blaming country superstar Carrie Underwood for the shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut. The group's spokesperson claimed via Twitter that Underwood's support of equal rights for same-sex marriage helped bring down God's wrath upon the innocent victims.

"She pimped f-- [slur] marriage. Blood of dead school kids on her hands! #SandyHook," Westboro's Margie Phelps tweeted after the shootings. Underwood publicly stated her support for same-sex marriage equality in an interview with the U.K. paper the Independent in June, prompting WBC -- whose cornerstone view is that America's growing acceptance of same-sex rights is condemning the country to Hell, and which also believes that President Obama is the Antichrist -- to call for protests at the singer's concerts.

WBC posted a document to their website titled 'God Hates Carrie Underwood,' and even went so far as to make up a scathing parody of her hit song 'Blown Away.' The organization, which is monitored as a hate group by the Anti-Defamation League, is a small, independent and self-styled "church" that has previously made waves by protesting at military funerals. According to WBC, other targets of God's wrath include America, Catholics, the media, the Marines, Islam, and ... well, virtually everyone outside of their very limited membership, which estimates have placed at around 40, all localized in Topeka, Kansas.

The group's official website also features a document titled 'God Sent the Shooter,' which outlines their philosophy that the Sandy Hook shootings were part of God's retribution for Connecticut's support of same-sex rights.

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