Last night's 'American Idol' contestant Scott McCreery, or "Scotty," as he sometimes refers to himself, could be the breakout country contestant of the series' 10th season. McCreery wowed the judges, especially Randy Jackson, with his low vocals and his lived-in rendition of Josh Turner's 'Your Man.' But it turns out, he's been hanging out under the radar and making a name for himself on the country circuit -- and his down-home, all American and almost wholesome charm is refreshing.

Go here for a variety of clips of McCreery performing. Our favorite is his simple, spare and emotive cover of Blake Shelton's 'Ol' Red.' It's just McCreery, sporting a pair of worn jeans, and a guitar. He performed on a mobile stage at the Clayton Red Harvest Festival before his 'Idol' audition, and the crowd, whatever the size, clearly loves him. He even started his performance by declaring, "I like singing country music." It is a bit humorous to hear McCreery sing "well I caught my wife with another man" since he's all of 16-years-old, but his low, smoky pipe push him up a few notches on the age scale.

There's another clip of McCreery performing outside in July, and he tackles Turner's 'Long Black Train,' which he belts out with a Johnny Cash-style drawl.

In his 'Idol' interview, McCreery says that his mom and doctor told him he first sang at a check up at tender age of 1, and that he hummed a nursery rhyme. McCreery also says he is unique because he is normal. He admitted, "You're not going to find my mug shot on the Internet. I have no record. I am just your typical all American boy who plays baseball for his high school team, sings in the musicals." Could he be any more grounded?

McCreery looks up to Turner, but it's not just Turner's talent that McCreery digs. "The way he lives his life as a Christian man ... he doesn't cuss, doesn't drink," McCreery said. "The world of singing, the culture he is around, especially in Nashville, all the people he is around? It inspires me a lot to be like him."

Turns out McCreery's desire to entertain stems as far back as the school bus. He said that his favorite performer of all time is "Mr. Elvis Presley" and he used to ape Presley's style and mannerisms "at the back of school bus … I gave concerts to the kids."

He also selected Carrie Underwood's victory as his favorite 'Idol' moment of all time. McCreery said Underwood's win "showed me that country singers can win it and showed me not to doubt myself being a country music singer in this competition."

It's evident that Scott McCreery can follow in Underwood's footsteps and bring it home for country music this season.

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