Chris Young was first to lose his cowboy hat, but Rodney Atkins soon followed suit. Which country star should be the next to ditch their trademark headwear? It's often strange to see country music's top stars without their hats on, but for some, the look could provide a nice change of pace. Who do you think should permanently ditch the cowboy hat? 

Included in today's readers poll are five artists from our list of Country Stars Without Hats that we think would look best. Toby Keith has a nice head of hair under his straw brim, and George Strait looks even more dignified than usual. Trace Adkins looks like Fabio, Kenny Chesney looks years younger and Garth Brooks looks like a man you don't want to mess with sans hat. If there is someone you think would look better without a hidden head, tell us why in the comments section below.