Will Hoge's 'Middle of America' video finds the singer truly in the middle of America -- in Gallatin, Tennessee to be exact. He strolls through, singing the country tune right in the heart of the historic town.

It opens as the singer-songwriter emerges from behind a red curtain and starts the song in the middle of a tattoo parlor. A couple of people are getting permanently inked, paying no attention to Hoge, who then takes the driver's seat in a classic, red Chevy. Now behind the wheel, he rolls through downtown Gallatin, which isn't far from Music City.

Hoge's middle America drive soon finds him between some townspeople, who are deep in conversation, then to a restaurant that's full of locals, who all begin to clap the song's beat. Hoge joins them for a truly interactive experience, eventually making his way to a stage in the restaurant, where a band and his electric guitar await.

At this point, 'Middle of America' kicks into full gear. Hoge emerges from the stage, still walking and playing, before removing the guitar and continuing his journey. He walks into the street before the camera pulls away and leaves him blurry in the distance.

The 'Middle of America' video, which was clearly filmed in one take, represents small town life ... in the middle of America. It was directed by Colin Noel and not only puts the Tennessee town front and center, but also Hoge's soulful sound and classic storytelling.

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