William Michael Morgan is a doting dad these days! The country singer stopped by the Taste of Country Nights studio to chat about his new music, but also couldn't resist gushing about his little girl.

Morgan walked into the ToC Nights studio for his interview with his 6-month-old daughter, Presley, as his phone's screensaver. It's a small token of affection for the little girl with a big smile, and he very recently professed his love for her in a more permanent way.

“I just got a tattoo done, too. It’s starting to snake up, to scale up on me,” he says of the fresh ink. “[I got it] about four days ago.”

That is his fifth tattoo, and this time around he mostly relied on ointment and regular cleaning to help it heal. He did it all for the little girl he loves, though, even if he's still learning about his role as a dad. He tells future fathers to prepare themselves before the baby arrives.

“Be ready. Be ready … I’m so excited to get to see her again, man. I’m going to get to see her again on the 11th of next month for a couple of days. Holding her is like holding heaven, that’s the best way I can possibly put it. Gosh, man, she’s just so adorable.”

When Morgan isn't playing his most important role as a dad, he's entertaining fans and working on new music. His album Vinyl is out Friday (Sept. 30), and he says he's "so proud of the outcome."

“I’m so excited about this, just to get some new music out to everybody and show everybody that we’ve been working really hard, we haven’t just been playing. We’ve been working real hard. We took our time really so much in the process of writing the songs, picking the songs, singing the songs, cutting the songs. The whole process in general. We wanted to make sure that each song flowed with the next one and it all made sense. That we weren’t just cutting something that we loved and it didn’t jive with the rest of the record, you know."

Vinyl is now available on iTunes, in stores and at other digital retailers.

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