Apparently, Willie Nelson would be okay with dying in a fight with a rabbit. Fans learned this and a few other interesting facts about Nelson in a new segment from Jimmy Kimmel that features the country legend in his ‘3 Ridiculous Questions’ series.

Nelson sits down at a bar with Kimmel as the bartender in the clip above, and the late-night host takes the opportunity to present the three inquiries.

First, if he were to die fighting an animal, which animal would he choose?

“I think I can last longer,” Nelson says, laughing, when Kimmel presses him on why he chose a rabbit.

Second, what does he think of the name ‘Kenneth’ for a baby?

Nelson thinks carefully, but is confident with his answer: no thanks.

“It’d be nice for a horse,” he suggests. “You don’t wanna be swingin’ a Kenneth around all day."

Check out the video above to hear Nelson chat about these intriguing topics as well as what he thinks about using emojis.

Nelson released a tribute album to his friend Ray Price, titled For the Good Times, in September. He also appeared in the CMA 50th anniversary tribute Forever Country, which featured his song “On the Road Again.” His novel Pretty Paper, based on his holiday song by the same name, is available now.

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