Willie Nelson is one of music's greatest marijuana proponents, and to further show off his unabashed love for the green stuff the singer is hosting a one day sale on 4/20, which is today. April 20 is recognized as the pot smoker's holiday, and now Nelson fans, along with other marijuana supporters, can stock up on "Legalize It" and "Pure Willie" T-shirts, which are being sold at a discounted price.

All orders totaling $42 or more receive a free gift, too! Discounted tees and a free gift? What a bargain, courtesy of Willie Nelson. Go here for more details and to go on a shopping binge.

Nelson was arrested in November of last year for misdemeanor marijuana possession. If convicted, the singer could face 180 days in jail and a small fine. Stories circulated a few weeks back that the prosecutor would let Nelson off if he sang in court, but nothing ever came of that brief (and a bit humorous) suggestion.

Despite that charge hanging over his head, Nelson is not apologizing for or hiding his well-publicized affair with Mary Jane! He also recently appeared on 'Live on Letterman,' performing 'Superman' with fellow pro-pot musician Snoop Dogg.