Snoop Dogg had Willie Nelson, aka "his brother from another mother," join him onstage last night at his performance for 'Live on Letterman.' The pair performed the song 'Superman,' and its lyrics were definitely appropriate for the occasion.

Nelson's appearance was a complete surprise for those attending or watching the streaming concert on the Internet. The legendary singer-songwriter was given an introduction by Snoop, who reverently referred to him as a "true legend and someone who smokes more than me." Nelson then walked out onto the Letterman stage to screams from the ecstatic crowd.

Before the odd couple performed 'Superman,' Snoop shared his love for Nelson with the crowd, saying how much he admired him and how he someday wants gray braids just like the 'Always on My Mind' singer. As they got ready to perform the song, Snoop Dogg asked Nelson if his guitar was in tune, to which Nelson strummed one note and replied with a confident "always."

Nelson then told the crowd a story: "I was at Amsterdam, right? I talked on the phone to Snoop. I said, 'Where are you?' [and] he says, 'I'm in New York, where are you?' and I said, 'I'm in Amsterdam ... why don't you come over here?' And he did. Next plane, right? And we [raided] a few coffee shops ... and also he came out and helped sing a song." He then asked Snoop, "Should I tell them the story about the song?" to which Snoop replied, "Please tell them." Nelson went on, saying, "A little while back, I had one of those carpal tunnel operations, and the doctor said, 'Go home and shut up.' And I did, but I wrote a song."

The duo then went into 'Superman,' with Nelson's opening line of "too many pills and too much pot" receiving uproars from the concertgoers. Snoop backed Nelson during the song, taking turns sing-rapping lines like "and when I die put it on my stone / God said sucker get your bad a-- home."

Nelson and Snoop closed out the evening on a high note (no pun intended) by allowing fans to come onstage and snap photos with the superstars. Even if Nelson's song proclaims that they aren't "Superman," both musicians definitely wowed everyone with their unforgettable performance.

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