Last night (May 14), progressive country star Willie Nelson stopped by 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' to talk about his new 'Heroes' album, guitars and touring America in his legendary Honeysuckle Rose biodiesel bus. After the interview, the legendary singer performed 'Texas Flood' alongside his son, Lukas Nelson.

Fallon started out the interview by complimenting the legendary star, telling him that growing up in Brooklyn, the only country albums his parents played were by Willie Nelson or Hank Williams. Shotgun Willie nodded his head (done up with his signature pigtail braids) and said, "Well, I'm in good company then."

Fallon and Nelson chatted about the country singer's former songwriting career, cluing in viewers that Nelson was the hand behind Patsy Cline's now-famous rendition of 'Crazy.' The 'Red Headed Stranger' told the story of meeting Cline's husband at legendary Nashville bar Tootsie's Orchid Lounge, and how the song came to be from that single interaction.

Of course, Fallon asked to see 'Trigger,' Nelson's beat-up acoustic guitar that never leaves his sight -- or his stage. Fallon pointed out the giant hole in Nelson's signature guitar, and Willie responded, "Well, I think it sounds better [that way]," drawing many laughs from the audience.

It's clear that Willie Nelson has nobody to impress: He walked onto the popular late-night show wearing a black t-shirt, black pants and a dirty pair of New Balance sneakers. Still, the host was in awe.

Near the end of the five-minute interview, Nelson spoke to the hilarious talk show host about his tour bus, Honeysuckle Rose, which runs off of bio fuel. Nelson wasn't shy about his political leanings (is he ever shy about politics?), and talked about the problem with America's dependence on oil. Before the interview closed, the 'Always on My Mind' singer invited Fallon onto the tour bus.

"I don't think I'll get off it if I get on," joked Fallon. Of course, Nelson didn't disagree.

Every interview with Willie Nelson is entertaining, thanks to his straightforward demeanor, but the star really shined in his bluesy rendition of 'Texas Flood' with his son. Check it out!

Watch Willie Nelson's Interview on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon'

Watch Willie Nelson Perform 'Texas Flood' on 'Jimmy Fallon'