Willie Nelson has never been one to shy away from speaking his mind, no matter how controversial the subject. Now the singer is letting everyone know his stance by openly supporting the anti-discrimination group Texas Wins.

The Texas-based organization focuses their efforts on making their state a better place by "demonstrating true Texas values and protecting all Texans from discrimination," specifically within the LGBT community. Nelson shares this belief and is looking to spread the word.

“Discrimination against the LGBT community in not what Texas is all about," the singer and activist says. "And that’s why I’m thrilled to support Texas Wins.”

Nelson has endorsed the LGBT community for years. He even did an exclusive feature with Texas Monthly not too long ago to display his rendition of the human rights logo to include his famous braids rolled up as joints, replacing the original horizontal lines.

The 82-year-old sees the movement similar to the civil rights campaign back in the 1960s, as just another idea Americans will eventually all come around to.

“As humanity, we’ve come through so many problems from the beginning to here. I guess it finally had to come around to this,” he explains. “This is just another situation, another problem. We’ll work it out and move on… We’ll look back and say it was crazy that we ever even argued about this."

“I never had a problem with any of it," he continues. "I’ve known straight and gay people all my life. I can’t tell the difference. People are people where I came from. I never thought of marriage as something only for men and women. But I’d never marry a guy I didn’t like.”

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