Willie Nelson invited Larry King to join him on his tour bus recently and they hashed out some big issues -- like the legalization of marijuana and Hillary Clinton's shot at the 2016 presidential election. Nelson opened up to King on his bus, which is like a second home to the country legend. He even admits to sleeping on it occasionally when he's at home.

The 80-year-old is not shy about the fact that he is an activist for the legalization of marijuana and he opens up with King about how he started smoking. The interview took place on King's internet only series 'Larry King Now.'

"I started out as a kid smoking anything I could get," he says of his urge to smoke. "And then my lungs gave out on me. I had emphysema, my lungs collapsed and pneumonia four or five times so I quit smoke cigarettes."

Nelson says that marijuana doesn't affect the lungs quite like cigarettes, and he's been "pretty healthy" ever since he gave up tobacco. He even says that he believes there are health benefits that come along with marijuana use. Personally, it's been years since he went a date without toking.

"I felt better, I felt more relaxed," he says of his own use. He also recognizes that there's money the government could be making by taxing the drug. "There's some money there somebody ain't making."

Nelson also isn't shy to admit that not only does he smoke marijuana, but he smokes it regularly. "I don't think I've missed a day in years," he says but he also recognizes that the drug isn't for everyone.

They also took time for a political chat. When asked about the possibility of Clinton running in the 2016 election, Nelson voiced his opinion on the possible female candidate.

"I think she will and I think she will probably win," he says. Who knows? Maybe Nelson's presidential visions will come true.

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