On April 20, a bronze sculpture of Willie Nelson will be unveiled in Austin, Texas at 4:20PM. If you know anything about Nelson's, um, recreational choices, the date and time choice won't even make you raise an eyebrow. In fact, it's an all-out nod to Nelson's reputation as a major stoner.

The statue, created by sculptor Clete Shields, stands at a whopping 8 feet and weights in at just about one ton -- clearly larger than life-size.

"Creating a sculpture of such an icon while he is still living presents its challenges," Shields said in a statement. "For many, the Willie they connect with is the Outlaw Willie of the Seventies, or the influential advocate for Farm Aid in the Eighties, while others -- especially a younger generation -- grew fond of him during his more mature years. The sculpture needed to appeal to a broad audience and conjure up the fond memories of so many different people."

As luck would have it, the American icon will be at Austin City Limits Live at the Moody Theatre as part of the We Walk the Line show celebrating Johnny Cash's 80th birthday at the time of the statue's unveiling. He plans to be there when his bronze doppelganger is unveiled.