Uh-oh. The wheels of Texas justice keep turning, regardless of the lawbreaker! Apparently, Willie Nelson's recent plea deal in his pot case, stemming from a fall 2010 arrest due to his possession of weed, has been rejected by a Texas judge. The plea deal was worked out with prosecutors and stated that Nelson would plead guilty to the marijuana charges and pay a $500 fine.

E! and several other sources reported that judge Becky Dean Walker nixed the deal that Nelson's attorney worked out with the prosecutor. The judge feels Nelson is receiving special treatment, saying, "It's not right simply because he doesn't do that for anybody else." Maybe she wasn't amused by Nelson's prosecutor suggesting he perform community service for his misdeed by singing 'Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain' to Walker?

Prosecutor C.R. Bramblett said that the judge told him she doesn't want Nelson to plead by mail, saying, "I want you to get him to come back here so I can meet him." Hmm, so the judge is rejecting the deal so she can have a face-to-face with the country legend?

The prosecutor continued, "My real opinion is that she wants to cuckold me and tell me what I have to charge people with. She doesn't have the jurisdiction to do that." Sounds like this is an issue between the judge and the prosecutor, with Nelson getting caught in the middle of their legal tit-for-tat.

Rather than drag Nelson down to the courtroom, Bramblett said he plans to give the court documentation, including certified checks that show Nelson paid a $500 fine and $280 in court costs after his charge was reduced as part of the plea agreement.

In case you need a refresher, Nelson was arrested on Nov. 26 near El Paso, Texas and was found with pot and paraphernalia on his tour bus near a checkpoint. The country legend could now face up to a year in jail if convicted.

Nelson might need a little herbal refreshment to deal with all this legal drama. He went from out of the "weeds" with his charge to right back in 'em.

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