Willie Nelson ought to change his first name to "Wily." That's because the pro-pot singer is smartly planning to either rent or purchase a home in the Netherlands in the next year so he can continue to buy marijuana legally. Local Dutch officials are planning to outlaw "drug tourism" next year, meaning that non-resident pot proponents can't travel there to stock up. Nelson wants to skirt that problem, so he'll pick himself up a nice piece of real estate.

While Amsterdam is known for its lenient policy when it comes to narcotics, it will debut its new non-resident, smuggling prevention policy in 2013, which should threaten the country's status as the capital of cannabis, not to mention creating a bit of uproar and unrest among local businesses depending on the types of tourists. Nelson is working to beat the system. Buying a home in the region so that he legally qualifies as a resident and can purchase as he pleases would be the best way to do it.

When Mojo magazine (quotes courtesy of WENN) asked the singer if he would boycott the region due to this radical change in its policy, he dismissed it, saying, "No. I’ll just rent me an apartment when I go over there so I’ll be a resident. Or if I have to, I’ll buy a place.”

Where there's a Willie, there's a way!

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