It's no secret that Jake Owen likes to live on the wild side, and the Eli Young Band are well aware of the singer's need for speed (and the fact that he's a bit accident prone -- hence a go-kart accident last summer). So, while on the Days of Gold Tour will EYB join Owen for a race?

Last summer, Owen raced NASCAR drivers Kevin Harvick and Clint Bowyer on go-karts ... and the match ended with the 'Days of Gold' singer in the emergency room. Owen didn't let the little accident (and neck brace) slow him down, despite his record label advising it. Ultimately, the go-kart incident resulted in Owen having part of his finger amputated.

Now that Eli Young Band find themselves on the road with the wild beach boy, they're having to think about how far they'll go in their antics.

"We're gonna make this an injury-free summer," Jon Jones tells Taste of Country. "So I don't know if I would go go-kart racing with Jake Owen."

"I probably would stay away from him," singer Mike Eli chimes in. "He has been a little accident prone."

The band joked in good fun about Owen and his reckless nature, saying they may opt for golf kart racing before they'd hop in a go-kart. "There's going to be an off limits list of things we would not go do with Jake," Jones adds, laughing.

You can catch Eli Young Band on tour with Owen for select dates of the Days of Gold Tour. ParmaleeThomas Rhett and the Cadillac Three will also be there to party -- a full list of 2014 dates is here.