Dutton rule No. 1 is respect the legacy of the land. Fans of Yellowstone learned this during the Season 4 premiere on Sunday (Nov. 7), and it promises to be central to the upcoming prequel, 1883.

Ep. 1 of Dutton Rules: A Yellowstone, 1883 Podcast explores how plot points buried (literally) 138 years ago surface to drive the action in the modern-day Taylor Sheridan drama. Hosts Adison Haager and Billy Dukes look at what this means for the series, and what viewers learned about the upcoming Tim McGraw and Faith Hill show.

There was a lot there, if you knew where to look. Listen and be sure to join the conversation with a comment, or with an email to staff@tasteofcountry.com. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Newcomers and Yellowstone experts have a place here, as the hosts represent both. If you would rather listen later, find Dutton Rules on Apple Podcasts and Spotify and look for bi-weekly episodes until mid-December, when 1883 premieres on Paramount Plus.

This first episode of Dutton Rules breaks down the major plot points of the first episode of Season 4 of Yellowstone, answering key questions like, who lives and dies, where did Monica and Tate go, and what's up with Carter, the new kid in the cast? The show doesn't definitively explain who was responsible for the attacks that ended Season 3, so we won't, either.

Ultimately, this on-demand series was designed to bring unique insight and analysis to 1883, starring two of country music's biggest stars. During Ep. 1, find a synopsis of this show and tucked-away details about how the writers will weave in and out of the real world with characters based in fiction and non-fiction.

The next new episode of Yellowstone airs on Sunday (Nov. 14) on the Paramount Network. 1883 premieres on Dec. 19.

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