Zac Brown Band's first album dropped in 2008, but the singer was writing, touring and recording for nearly a decade before that. The roots of those early projects still pop up in today's albums. One phrase comes up so often you almost wonder if he's trying to make a point.

Before Clay Cook, John Driskell Hopkins and the many other members of the ZBB joined Brown, it was just him and his guitar, plus a drummer. Young Brown went by a very different name while touring hard across the southeast. Along the way he'd make friends with many of the guys who'd help pen his biggest hits, and he'd get to know many of the young artists on his record label.

He'd also learn how to serve a few hundred people, but that came about in a very different way.

This week's episode of You Think You Know Country? explores Brown's route to country superstardom, including a stop in his hometown, a small village that spawned many other famous musicians. Watch, subscribe to Taste of Country's YouTube channel and share if you knew all these facts before watching. Hey, we won't judge if you want to brag.

You Think You Know '90s Country?

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