Dave Grohl’s influence on the Zac Brown Band is obvious from the first blues-rock soaked pulls of electric guitar on ‘All Alright.’ It’s a new direction for the ZBB, a band whose musical journey looks more like a maze than a straight line.

While Brown gives a riveting, dynamic vocal performance it’s his bandmates’ harmonies that stand out to make ‘All Alright’ unique. The bass vocals really mark the song, beginning with the second verse:

You may not realize all the lies at the time / But the truth will find you / That storm is gonna come / Gonna wash you away like Sodom and Gomorrah,” they sing. By this point the track from ‘The Grohl Sessions Vol. 1’ has morphed into more of a gospel song than a bluesy country cut. If you notice, you likely won’t care.

Made me grow / Then you cut me down / A north wind on a garden growin' / You made me think you were mine then you changed your mind,” Brown sings to begin this story of heartbreak and deception.

“And it was all alright / Now it's all wrong / That's just a-how / It goes when your gone,” they sing at the chorus.

Brown and the ZBB have never been a slave to trends, and ‘All Alright’ is another that follows a path rarely trod by a country musician. Grohl adds a new dynamic, one that makes this group very interesting to listen to again.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'All Alright' is unlike any single the Zac Brown Band has released previously, yet it's as familiar as their best hits.

Key Lyrics: "I'd have a lot to give / If I still gave a damn / That's just how / It goes when your gone"

Did You Know?: Before his CMA performance with the ZBB, Dave Grohl told his wife he was going to "steal the f***ing show."

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