The Zac Brown Band guys are all alright, alright. The band's 'All Alright' video lets fans go behind the scenes for an intimate look at how they operate in the studio.

Just like the song, the clip for 'All Alright' begins by showcasing the bluesy sound of the guitar, with the group shown performing in a studio. The video was taken at different times in the recording process, but one thing is common throughout the video: ZBB's members all very comfortable with their new sound.

At times, the guys are seen practicing the song together, discussing notes and reading the lyrics. Brown sings behind a studio mic, supporting the Atlanta Braves with a navy blue hat and wearing a casual black T-shirt.

Dave Grohl makes a cameo in the 'All Alright' video, seen listening to the music and working in the studio. The incredibly talented drummer and guitar player produced the group's EP 'The Grohl Sessions, Vol. 1,' and is helping ZBB with their new sound.

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