Zac Brown Band slowed things down at the 2012 CMA Awards, performing their contemplative ballad 'Goodbye in Her Eyes' while bathed in soft yellow stage lighting.

They followed queen of sass Miranda Lambert and her hellfire and brimstone, leather pants-wearing rendition of 'Fastest Girl in Town.' It was a nice change of pace that showed the dynamics within the country genre and amongst its artists, and on the national stage, to (cowboy) boot.

Of course Brown wore his ever-present beanie cap, even though it was an inside show. He's never without that dang hat -- it's practically a part of him.

The performance itself was subdued, but it was high impact. The song is so pretty and moving, and the band's delivery was spot on. It didn't need any window dressing, extras or special gimmicks that often happen at awards shows.

We can imagine a casual country fan -- or even a random channel flipper -- tuning into the broadcast after stumbling onto it, seeing this performance and being immediately drawn to the song and ZBB. It's that magnetic. It may not have been a fired-up performance, but it sure teemed with passion, power and a different kind of fire. Sometimes showing your more sensitive side speaks at a higher volume.

Zac Brown Band were greeted with a standing ovation from the crowd of peers upon finishing the song.

Watch the Zac Brown Band Perform 'Goodbye In Her Eyes' at the 2012 CMA Awards