Zac Brown Brown jump right into summer with their video for 'Jump Right In.' No surprise there. Actually, they dive right in, headfirst.

Filmed on the beach, the sun-splashed clip finds the boys surrounded by crystal blue water and having a good time, all the time. But there is a plot that involves musicians (well, percussionists) and some comedic action ensues. And by "action," we mean literal activities like flying over the ocean via jetpack and being tossed into the water like a human catapult. Sign us up.

Speaking of signing, the music business storyline centers on the tale of musicians Flody Boatwood and Daniel de los Reyes, aka Flody and Danny, who nab covers of Bearded Stone (their riff on Rolling Stone, get it?) and Beardboard (like Billboard, you see?) after signing a contract with Brown. The good times then ensue, but still, it's no day at the beach.

Brown, in his mandals, plays the role music video director, complete with director's chair and megaphone. He's not a happy camper at that point, though, and it's interesting to see him get all fired up, even if he is merely acting.

No spoilers here -- it's a wholly comedic clip and that's also making us wish we could head to the nearest beach, throw on a swimsuit and strap on a jetpack or be catapulted into the water.

So for the next five minutes, allow yourself to be whisked away to a warm and sunny place, with the music of Zac Brown Band as your soundtrack.