By country music standards, Zac Brown Band's songs are relatively new. In just a few years' time, the band has successfully won the hearts of unsuspecting fans everywhere with their fun, easygoing nature and endless stream of hit songs, from "Chicken Fried" to "Colder Weather." Without fail, we fall in love all over again with each new single from the Grammy winners. Taste of Country brings you our picks for the Top 10 Zac Brown Band Songs, fresh as a Georgia peach in May.

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    "Knee Deep"

    "Knee Deep" brings a taste of summer just in time for the change in weather -- from "Colder Weather" to beach season, if you will. Best of all, this Zac Brown Band song features Mr. Paradise himself, Jimmy Buffett, who offers a contrast to Brown's smooth vocals with his aged-to-perfection sound that music and margarita fans adore.

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    "Whatever It Is"

    In "Whatever It Is," Brown can't quite put his finger on what it is about the lady in question that is making him fall in love; all he knows is that she's got his heart in a tight grip, and he hopes she never lets go. This tune from the 2008 album The Foundation marked ZBB's second Top 10 hit on the Billboard chart, following the song that introduced them to the world, "Chicken Fried."

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    "Keep Me in Mind"

    Brown pleads to be the one-and-only in "Keep Me in Mind," a song directed at a lady who seems to have her pick of guys. This one is upbeat and catchy, despite the desperation of the singer. Naturally, we're rooting for our favorite Georgian to get the girl, but even if he doesn't, we'll always have this gem from the band's second major label album, You Get What You Give.

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    "Goodbye in Her Eyes"

    "Goodbye in Her Eyes" is the lone single from Uncaged to make this Top 10 Zac Brown Band Songs list. The ballad is considered by the band to one of their top efforts. It wasn't quite the commercial success of some other songs on this list, but it's difficult to argue with the singer's emotional performance.

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    "Highway 20 Ride"

    "Highway 20 Ride" is one of the few Zac Brown Band songs that doesn't encourage the simple pleasures in life. In fact, the subject matter of this one -- the band's third No. 1 hit -- is rather grim. It touches on what it's like to be divorced and separated from your kids as they're growing up. Brown hasn't lived this experience first-hand, but his go-to writing buddy Wyatt Durette has. Durette was inspired to pen this one while driving between states to drop off his son at his mother's house.

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    "As She's Walking Away"

    How do you win over the country music crowd? You put Alan Jackson in one of your songs! Not that ZBB needed the help, but we do love that the band can appreciate the foundation of the genre. "As She's Walking Away" is one of those hits that we can all relate to, because it tells the old tale of the one who got away. But with Jackson's sage advice, we'll all be quicker to speak up next time "the one" walks into the bar.

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    "Toes" is about as classic as Zac Brown Band songs get. The song is 100% about enjoying the easy pleasures in life, like the fruity drinks and sparkling water that breed in a tropical climate, things that the southerner seems to really love. He's not alone. "Toes" appears on Brown's seriously successful The Foundation album, and is a co-write by Wyatt Durette, the band's bassist John Driskell Hopkins and Shawn Mullins, whose song "Lullaby" was a soft rock phenomenon back in the late '90s.

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    "Chicken Fried"

    Ah, "Chicken Fried," the song that led us to find a new appreciation for fried foods, a decent pair of blue jeans and all of the little things in life. It also secured our pride in the good old US of A, namely those who stand up and fight for our country. "Chicken Fried" bleeds patriotism and honor, but let's face it: It's just one of those simple, feel-good tunes that makes you glad to be alive.

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    For Zac Brown, happiness isn't found in a fat wallet and a city lifestyle. Rather, the Georgia native is at his best when he's got an open road, a country sky and the love of his life at his side. In his final single from The Foundation album, Brown argues that the good things in life actually are free, and we tend to agree -- as do country music fans, apparently. The song peaked at No. 1 on Billboard's Country Songs in 2010.

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    "Colder Weather"

    The Zac Brown Band stepped away from their beachy comfort zone to bring us the powerful song "Colder Weather." The lyrics in this one are a far cry from simply putting our toes in the water and our bottom in the sand. Instead, they describe the hurt that is caused by the man who can't be tamed and a love that will never fully blossom. Despite the haunting sadness, this ZBB tune is beautiful and elicits a singalong, which is why it was yet another No. 1 for the band when it hit the airwaves in 2011.

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