Like most of their hit songs, the lyrics of Zac Brown Band's latest multi-week No. 1 single, 'Colder Weather,' are based around a real-life story of heartbreak by the song's co-writer, Wyatt Durrette.

"I was dating a girl who lived in Kansas City," Durrette, who co-wrote the tune with Brown, ZBB's Coy Bowles and Levi Lowrey, tells Taste of Country. "We really liked each other, but the location of where she lived and my busy schedule made it difficult to see each other as often as we wanted. She wanted me to slow things down, but I wasn't willing to do that because I was in the midst of living my dream."

"The guys were supposed to go to Kansas City for a radio visit, but the snow in Wisconsin prevented us from traveling," Durrette continues. "I called her to let her know we weren't coming, and she wasn't very happy about that. She really let me have it. After I hung up the phone, I went to the bus and started writing 'Colder Weather.'"

"He said I wanna see you again / But I'm stuck in colder weather / Maybe tomorrow will be better / Can I call you then / She said you're a ramblin' man / You ain't ever gonna change / You gotta gypsy soul to blame / And you were born for leavin'," the band sings in the song's chorus.

"The song's first verse and chorus were written about that girl," notes Durrette, who had Brown help him on some of the melody and lyrics.

Durrette asked Levi Lowrey, an artist signed to Brown's Southern Ground Records, to come in and help put his special touch on the song as well.

"He is an amazing artist and an amazing songwriter," Durrette says of Lowrey. "He came over to my  house one night, and we worked on the song together. While we were writing, [ZBB guitarist] Coy [Bowles] stopped by, not knowing we were writing, just to say hi. We played him what we were working on, and he suggested adding a bridge to the song that he and Zac wrote together. It really completed the song and was what we were needing to make it turn into what it did."

"When I close my eyes I see you / No matter where I am / I can smell your perfume through these whispering pines / I'm with your ghost again / It's a shame about the weather / I know soon we'll be together / And I can't wait 'til then / I can't wait 'til then," the band sings in the bridge.

"This song is so special to all of us because it was a group effort," says Durrette. "Each of us brought a little something to the table. I always knew it was a special song, and it's great to share the success of it with some of my best friends."

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