Zac Brown Band are showing no signs of slowing down from having back-to-back chart-topping hits with their latest single, 'Keep Me in Mind.' Familiar names contributed to the lyrics of the new single, including Brown, Wyatt Durrette and Nic Cowan, who is an artist signed to Brown's indie label, Southern Ground.

"The chorus to this song I wrote probably five or six years ago," Durrette tells Taste of Country. "It was one of those times that Zac and I went through the writing process where we’ll like a song, then we put it to the side … let it wait on its time to be written."

"Keep me in mind / Somewhere down the road you might get lonely / Keep me in mind / In a place someday that you will love me only," they wrote in the lyrics that make up the song's chorus.

"Under three and half years ago, we were playing a show in Texas," recalls Durrette. "It was right around the time when ‘Chicken Fried’ came out. We were still playing small honky tonks at that time. We had a 25-minute set. We opened for a Texas band. This group of folks there, and they were really nice. We didn’t have to be anywhere the next day, so they said why don’t you come back to the house, hang out and we’ll barbecue. Myself, Zac and [ZBB's guitarist] Coy all went over there."

"I met a girl that night, and we hit it off," Durrette continues. "We hung out for a month after that. There was a guy she had just started to see when she was starting to see me. I’m all over the country all the time, and this guy was where she’s from. She told me we’ve only seen each other for a month, but I’m going to see what I can make work with this guy. I started writing the rest of the song at that point."

"How come all the pretty girls like you are taken baby / I've been looking for someone like you to save me / Life's to easy to be so damn complicated / Take your time and I'll be waitin'," Durrette wrote out of frustration in the opening lyrics.

"The funny part of the story," Durrette grins, "is we stayed friends with all those folks in Texas. She stopped seeing this guy in late April. We reunited in early June, and we have been seeing each other ever since. It took three and a half years, but she kept me in mind! We’re seeing each other now, and we couldn’t be happier."