The Zac Brown Band continues their assault on the definition of "country" music with their new single, 'Keep Me in Mind.' Much like 'Knee Deep' and a handful of other selections from their catalog, the song is more jam band than straight-up country music. However, that's about the only negative thing one can say about this fun, funky, guitar-driven track from 'You Get What You Give.'

'Keep Me in Mind' is a song about a guy not giving up on a girl. "How come all the pretty girls like you are taken baby / I've been looking' for someone like you to save me / Life's too easy to be so damn complicated / Take your time and I'll be waitin'," Brown sings during the first verse. The guitar lick that holds down the majority of the song is more contagious than cooties. Just try turning this song up a little and holding still in your office cubicle. Your head will start bobbing and weaving, almost involuntarily.

"Keep me in mind / Somewhere down the road you might get lonely / Keep me in mind / And I pray some day that you will love me only / I think about you some days / And the way I would lay and waste day after day with you / We always go our separate days, but no one can love you baby the way I do." Brown's character never gets the girl, but at least he didn't stand around watching 'As She's Walking Away.' (Zing!)

Country music needs bands that push the format's limits like Bud needs Weiser. The Zac Brown Band have walked along the thin line between different genres since their breakout hit, 'Chicken Fried,' was released in 2007. Eventually they may go too far, but for now they continue to blaze a trail that will hopefully lead to imitators.

Listen to Zac Brown Band, 'Keep Me in Mind'