It’s no secret that Zac Brown Band have been experimenting with other influences over the years, particularly with their most recent record Jekyll + Hyde, which incorporates a myriad of styles, nearly every song falling into a different genre. The guys have also made a record produced by Foo Fighters rocker Dave Grohl. But now they’re ready to settle back into their home turf, according to a recent announcement from the band.

"We’re going in this winter to make a brand new ZBB record, straight back to our roots, Foundation-style," Brown says in a video shot on their tour bus and posted on Instagram. "It’s going to be an amazing album, we’re very excited to announce to you that we’re making the new one, and thank you again for everything that you do for us.”

The Foundation was Zac Brown Band’s major label debut and featured their first No. 1 hit “Chicken Fried,” which definitely qualifies as country in every sense, with a bit of a bluegrass flair. If that's a reflection of what’s to come, die-hard country fans will be on the edge of their seat waiting for the new album's release.

Regardless of its outside-the-box execution, 2015’s Jekyll + Hyde still went Platinum for the group. Its fairly mainstream country-sounding single “Homegrown” hit No. 2 on the Billboard charts, ZBB's highest-charting single since 2012.

Zac Brown Band are currently on their Black Out the Sun tour with Drake White and recently opened their own exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Their 2017 Castaway With Southern Ground gathering in Riviera Maya, Mexico is slated for January and will include concerts from the band as well as other artists, including White.

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